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Amos Mountain, September 26, 2015

2015 Journal of Plants (see 2014 below) 

Images from the Pond, May 2-3, 2015

May Day 2015

John Segur Wildlife Preserve

Sunday Morning Owl

Perky's Path

The Sweden Tupelo Walk (+maps and a little history)

Woodpeckers (and a Blue Jay)

Perley's Mill Hike (Narrow Gauge Railroad)

Lake Willoughby, Vermont, September 2014

Chip Stockford Reserve/Ladies Delight Hike

Hike to Sweden's Old City

The Resident Garter Snake

2014 Journal of  Wildflowers and Wild Plants

The Owl

The Unseen Bear

Maine Bracket Mushrooms

Cecropia Moth Larvae Photos

September 2013, Two Wild Maine Plants

Goshen Cemetery Hike (August 2013)

Marr Hill Hike

Marr Hill Hike #3

Pondicherry Park Walk

Bennett Mill Hike

Heald and Bradley Ponds Reserve Hike  #1

Heald and Bradley Ponds Reserve - Hike #2 - Gallie Trail

Sucker Brook Outlet Reserve Hike

The Reserves are properties of the Greater Lovell Land Trust

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Town of Sweden, Maine

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Holt Pond, June 2016