GLLT - Sucker Brook Outlet
March 15, 2014


Aerial view of the trek via Google Earth. 

Closer view of the trek via Google Earth.

Our path (in green) superimposed on GLLT map.

Red arrow on image below points to general location of Sucker Brook Outlet trail on the 1858 map of Oxford County.

Hike Summary

Notes and Photos

Most notable of the tracks seen on this day were those of a bobcat (below). We followed the tracks looking for signs of bobcat activity, but saw none.
He mainly appeared to be teasing us (see our path on the east side of the trail above). The only other wild animal tracks we identified were those of snowshoe hares: unless you consider two friendly laborador retrievers wild.

Other Animal Signs

Not too visible in this photo, but there are ice crystals  around the holes in this mound of snow.
Whoever was in there was a heavy breather.

Not sure who was chowing down on this small beech.

Close-up of above

Sucker Brook Outlet

When ice is out, we need to see what the mound in the center of this photo is. There were animal tracks to it, over it, and past it.

It was a beautiful day. The clouds were dramatic.