Ladies Delight
Chip Stockford Reserve - Greater Lovell Land Trust
Lovell, Maine
August 26, 2014

Trail at the Chip Stockford Reserve (view/download brochure)

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Trail Data

Elevation (approximate)

There are at least two cellar holes on the site, but both appear to date before the time of the 1858 map of Oxford County. The locations identified with B.H. Chandler and J.P. Hatch are on the opposite side of the road from the Reserve. Note that in 1858 there was a bridge across the Narrows.

Active munching on a witch hazel leaf




(from Wikimedia)

Witch Hazel. This photo shows the fruit (from last year's flower) and the buds of this year's flower.
The flower appears in late summer/early autumn about the same time that the fruit matures and splits open to expel its seed.


View from the top of Ladies Delight

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