2014 Wildflowers and Wild Plants
Sweden, Maine

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May 21
This Pink Ladyslipper (Cypripedium acaule) will probably not be in bloom for another week, but it is always exciting to see them getting ready. Each year we take a count of ladyslippers we find in our woods. Last year I think we found 20 plants. We have  seen that they seem to grow adjacent to, but never directly among, clintonia.  

The first spring we were here we found our first ladyslippers underneath some old white pines on the property next to ours. It is sad that last year the old white pines were logged and the ground where they were was disturbed. I almost dread going to look for the ladyslippers that are likely no longer there.

May 28
I'm glad I went out in the rain to get these photos. It looks like most of the ladyslippers are near the end of their bloom.
These are two of the ladyslippers in the area that had been wrecked by the loggers. They look fine!